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Our Commitments to Students

  1. Publish quality ideas.

  2. Find your people.

  3. 2x your potential.

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After four years and nine cohorts, we've learned a lot, and we've listened to our alumni. Cohort 10 offers an overhauled curriculum, close-knit peer groups, and a system of personalized recommendations to ensure your success during the course and long after it ends.

As a student in Cohort 10, you will:

  • Receive feedback on every essay you write from one of our trained editors.
  • Join an Accountability Group of peers with similar interests and writing goals.
  • Benefit from personalized guidance on how to maximize your course experience.


Write of Passage is not a course

Why Write of Passage

It's Not Just a Course. It's a Transformational Experience.

Course Pillars

Writing from Abundance

Learn to build a bank of inspiring ideas while you’re away from the computer. Writing from Abundance is the art of collecting ideas in your daily life, so you never start from a blank page again.

Writing from Conversation

Learn to use conversation to identify great ideas and tweak their delivery. Writing from Conversation is the art of using dialogue to identify good ideas and double down on the best ones. You’ll be surprised how often you hear, “I feel that way too!”

Writing in Public

Learn to overcome blockers and hit "publish." Writing in Public is the art of broadcasting your ideas online, so you become a beacon for people, opportunities, and Internet serendipity. You will attract readers that lead to recognition and revenue.

Upcoming Events

Twitter Space: Prolific Writers Live

Join us on Tuesday, April 4 on Twitter to hear from four prolific online writers — David Perell, Ana Fabrega, Amanda Natividad, and Louie Bacaj – to hear how they smashed their fears and launched their writing journeys.

Cohort 10

Join the 5-week cohort—at the end you will have:

  • A website
  • At least five published articles
  • An audience who follows and trusts you
  • Your own newsletter
  • A system to organize your thoughts
  • A community of collaborators

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