Writing online might just change your life.


This is not hyperbole. 38 students in our last cohort said that Write of Passage is “life-changing.” What could it do for you?

Cohort 12 kicks off in spring 2024.


Packy went from corporate burnout to 200k subscribers and a $40 MM venture fund.

1,618 alumni from 72 countries

40% of students enroll more than once

565 articles published last cohort

Accelerate Your Career and Enrich Your Life

You’ve spent years building your unique perspective, whether you realize it or not. Ideas that feel obvious to you would be amazing to others, if you started speaking up. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • Years of hard-won wisdom at work, but it's trapped in your head
  • The perfect idea for a business or product, but no audience
  • A deep sense that you’re made for more than your current circumstances.
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Alumni in the Spotlight



From Anonymous to Cited by the New York Times

Meet Packy McCormick: "I've never made a higher-ROI investment in my life. It's not even close."

Packy published his first online essay in Write of Passage, and everything changed. His business-meets-tech newsletter, Not Boring, has given him an audience, connections, and the momentum to launch Not Boring Capital, a venture capital fund for seed to Series B investments. When launching his fund, he called his newsletter his “greatest competitive advantage.”

From zero to 200,000+ email subscribers. From anonymous to cited by Ben Thompson and The New York Times.


From Uninspired to Working Her Dream Job

Meet Amanda Natividad: "You'll become a magnet for life-changing opportunities."

Amanda felt stuck in her marketing career. She spent her days building company brands, but after taking Write of Passage, she started building an audience of her own. 

Before Amanda started writing online, she was paralyzed by self-doubt. But once she started sharing her ideas, she saw herself differently. Not only that — she built an audience of over 130,000, met her co-founder on Twitter, and now works her dream job as the VP of Marketing at SparkToro.


From an Underpaid Teacher to a Leader in Education Reform

Ana Lorena Fabrega: "Write of Passage made me realize there's an audience for what I write."

Ana felt stuck in a backward system in desperate need of reform with no way to make an impact until she joined Write of Passage and started writing online.

Ana wrote about childhood education and gained 165,000 followers, which helped her leap to a new career as Chief Evangelist at the Elon Musk-backed Synthesis School. Her newfound audience helped her land a book deal with a major publishing house.


From McDonald's to 1.5 Million Followers

Meet The Cultural Tutor

Before he was @TheCulturalTutor on Twitter, Sheehan worked at McDonald's.

But he knew in his gut that he was made for more. He started writing online about all his obsessions: art, architecture, literature, philosophy. His goal? One Twitter thread a day for one year. Fifteen months and 1.5 million followers later, Sheehan now writes full time, with financial support from Write of Passage, and he’s become one of the biggest names on Twitter.

The Cultural Tutor's Audience Growth
Ana Lorena Fabrega's Audience Growth
Amanda Natividad's Audience Growth
Packy McCormick's Audience Growth

Our Commitments to You

You have something to say. We'll help you share it with the world. In Write of Passage, you will:
Image of a paper airplane

Publish Five Quality Articles

Publish the best writing of your life.

Design of people meeting on a video call

Meet a Lifelong Friend

Connect with driven, like-minded people from 70+ countries.

Design of a person walking up steps into a larger silhouette of themselves

2x Your Potential

Use writing to double your income and do work that’s twice as meaningful.

Core Concepts You'll Master

Learn how to make your writing memorable and build an audience online.
Is your writing boring? Make it POP.

What is obvious to you that would be amazing to others? How can you write what no one else can? You’ll learn to make your writing POP: Personal, Observational, Playful.

Paralyzed by Writer’s Block? Write from conversation.

Chris Rock doesn’t practice his jokes in front of the mirror. Instead, he hones his material with a live audience — and so will you. Focused conversations will pull your best ideas out of your head and into the world. 

Stuck in your career? Build your Personal Monopoly.

Pssst...It’s not normal to hate your job. Learn how to carve out a space on the Internet where you can be yourself. You might just be exactly what people are looking for.

Can’t structure your ideas? Find your Shiny Dime.

No more word-vomits. Instead, learn to structure your ideas so they stick. By having one central idea — your Shiny Dime — you’ll communicate ideas clearly and concisely, doubling the amount of people who read your work online.

No one reads your work? Build an audience who can’t get enough.

By the final week of the course, you’ll have a published collection of the best writing you’ve ever done. You won’t sit back and cross your fingers. You’ll develop a distribution strategy unique to you. You’ll learn how to turn casual readers into raving fans, future co-founders, or high-ticket clients. 

Join Write of Passage

Cohort 11 runs from October 2 to November 8, and enrollment has closed.

Have a question? Email us at support@writeofpassage.school


One five-week cohort

  • 12 Live Sessions with David
  • 12 Deep Dives — skill sessions led by top alumni
  • Weekly Essays + feedback from trained Editors
  • 100+ writing, feedback, and idea Gyms (all time zones) 
  • Weekly Peer Group meetings, led by a Mentor



Lifetime access to all future cohorts

  • Make Write of Passage your Internet home – for life
  • Come back for every cohort — for life
  • Enjoy support, feedback, and accountability from the Write of Passage community — for life



EnrollRisk-Free (Guarantee)-1

The Write of Passage Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund — no questions asked. 

The Write of Passage Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund — no questions asked. 

40% of Our Alumni Have Taken Write of Passage More than Once

I've written, taught writing, and studied the history of writing, for about 20 years. This was the single best learning experience I've had.


Alex Petkas

I have found lifelong friends who helped me break free of the beliefs that constricted me. Write of Passage changed my life by changing my perception of myself and the power of online community.


Haley Brengartner

Write of Passage sparked the start of my online writing journey after a twenty-year dry spell. I'm now publishing weekly, and I’m just getting started.


Rik van den Berge

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Your Ticket to the 21st Century 

You were made for more than this.

The problem is that you’re living a 20th century life in a 21st century world. Everything around you is changing—except for you.

It's time to find work that gives you a sense of purpose and a richer life.

Find Your People

Meet co-founders. Sign clients. Make friends.

  • Jonathan Hills and Zakk Fleischman launched Cabin.City, a global network of properties for remote workers.
  • Hannah Frankman met her principal investor in a Live Session breakout room.
  • Ivy Xu sold her company to someone she met in the community forum.
Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 10.29.25 AM-2

Join over 1600 writers writers from 72 countries

Many writing programs promise to make you a better writer. Write of passage goes beyond to make you a better human. It didn't just unlock my pen, it changed my heart.


Ayomide Ofulue

Write of Passage is a life-changing course. There are very few communities that have this energy and vibe.

JohnNicholas_Headshot -1

John Nicholas

Write of Passage has made me significantly more confident in sharing my ideas with the world and has helped make me a better writer. It's an intense course, but I feel transformed by it in the best way.


Justin Frank

It got me over my biggest hurdle: fear of publishing. In week one, I was scared to hit publish. By week five, it felt natural. I would not have gotten there without this program.


Rick McClelland

Write of Passage gave me a structure and a community to support my creative process. And because of the friends I've made, I feel more intellectually and creatively stimulated than I have since grad school.


Chris Cordry

Write of Passage helped me connect the dots with my writing. I had an inconsistent practice and was unsure on how to move past certain blocks. I'm now exploring my voice and feel confident expressing it.


Eviana Vergara

Write of Passage cured my intellectual loneliness and reminded me that the Internet isn't just bots and trolls and algorithms. There are real humans out there, full of curiosity and warmth and passion.


Alan Hibbard

Write of Passage helped me face my fear of publishing ideas online. I left the quicksand of analysis paralysis and found a child-like freedom of expression.


Saalik Lokhandwala

Write of Passage has opened doors for me that otherwise wouldn't be possible to even knock on. It will forever be my favorite place on the Internet.


Danny Oak

Write of Passage has taught me more useful skills than I could have ever dreamt! The camaraderie, the small groups, the feedback are all outstanding.


Rick Planos

The value and impact Write of Passage had on me is immeasurable. The things that felt like blockers to consistently writing or writing with clarity slowly eroded over my cohort. Write of Passage is certainly the opening pages of a new chapter in my life.


Sean Murphy

Write of Passage has been an absolute game-changer for me. With a supportive community and invaluable guidance, I've been able to overcome self-doubt and embrace vulnerability in my writing journey. Now, I'm fearlessly sharing my words with the world.


Catalina Munoz

I've never met a group of more encouraging people. This is a truly special community.


Rychelle Moses

I can't believe an online course that actually under promises and over delivers. I literally "found my people."


Chao Lam

The genuine enthusiasm and support of Write of Passage has been a gift to my writing. I didn't think it possible to write what I did, but there it was on the page.


Alissa Mears

Write of Passage shows you how to be prolific in writing, thoughts, and publishing. It's changed my life.


Andrew Mares

Join Write of Passage

Cohort 11 runs from October 2 to November 8, and enrollment has closed.

Have a question? Email us at support@writeofpassage.school


One five-week cohort

  • 12 Live Sessions with David
  • 12 Deep Dives — skill sessions led by top alumni
  • Weekly Essays + feedback from trained Editors
  • 100+ writing, feedback, and idea Gyms (all time zones) 
  • Weekly Peer Group meetings, led by a Mentor



Lifetime access to all future cohorts

  • Make Write of Passage your Internet home – for life
  • Come back for every cohort — for life
  • Enjoy support, feedback, and accountability from the Write of Passage community — for life



EnrollRisk-Free (Guarantee)-1

The Write of Passage Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund — no questions asked. 
Subscribe to learn how writing online could transform your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

Write of Passage is a life- and career-accelerator disguised as a writing course.  

The world is full of talented people who are fundamentally mismatched. 

Maybe you’re one of them. You’ve built up years of skills and expertise at work, but your environment is holding you back. 

Maybe your current work doesn’t tap into your full potential. Maybe your coworkers underwhelm you with their level of drive and focus. Maybe you’ve considered launching your own business but you have no way to get the word out. Or maybe you have a business, but your current roster of clients doesn’t reflect the quality of your offering. 

There’s a simple solution for these issues: Writing online.

Writing is the great equalizer. By publishing your ideas online, you can:

  • Find work that stirs your soul. No more counting the minutes until the weekend.
  • Attract new opportunities. Like the time Tyler Cowen, one of my writing heroes, gave me a $20,000 grant to start Write of Passage after he read some of my articles. 
  • Build an audience. Gain a following and influence by sharing what you already know. 
  • Find friends. The kind of friends who make you say, “What? You too?!”

Write of Passage alumni have used writing to grow their audience, get funding, find co-founders, shift their careers, and revive their creative spark. 

What will it do for you?

Why should I take this course now?

There’s never been a better time to start writing online. 

Write of Passage students leverage the unprecedented matchmaking power of the Internet. When you write online, you beam your unique signal out into the world. Your writing conveys your expertise, knowledge, and skills. Your words and ideas become a magnet for better work, like-minded people, and life-changing opportunities. 

Writing online is a path to better work, deeper meaning, and a richer life.

The number of people consuming information online is rising much faster than the number of people creating it. You’re not too late. There has never been a better time to start writing online. 

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites. Write of Passage isn’t about formal training or traditional education — it’s about taking action

This means your best results will come from devoting time and energy to your goals:

  • Writing the best articles possible

  • Writing something that only you can write

  • Using your writing to build an audience and attract new work opportunities, clients, or ideas into your life.

Before the course begins, we provide step-by-step instructions for setting up your online home — a place you can publish. All you have to do is bring the grit and gusto.

What if I’ve never written before?

Many of our students begin the course having never published their writing online. They go on to launch weekly newsletters, active websites, and popular Twitter accounts as Write of Passage alumni.  

We’ll set you up with everything you need to succeed, including tools, methods, systems, and even website tech support.

The course is designed to help you publish — even if you’re new to writing online. You will have a small Peer Group for support, led by a Mentor who will hold you accountable to your goals. You will attend live writing sessions and have many opportunities to get feedback from your peers. And every draft you write will be reviewed by one of our trained Editors

There’s no better community to support you as you publish online for the first time.

What if I’m an experienced writer?

When you join Write of Passage, you’re not signing up for university-style lectures or stuffy PowerPoint presentations. Instead, you’re joining a vibrant community of writers oriented around taking action: regularly publishing their work online

Some of our best alumni were already writing when they joined the program. Here’re a few ways that experienced writers find value in Write of Passage:

  • Trained Editors give them thoughtful feedback within 24 hours of sharing each draft.

  • New frameworks help them to write with a clearer structure and even more personality.

  • New techniques helped them share their writing more effectively and grow an audience faster.

Beyond these skills, there’s another component of the course that experienced writers relish: The chance to meet exceptional people. 

People don’t end up in Write of Passage by accident. Each cohort, hundreds of the most accomplished, curious, and driven minds on the Internet gather for a fast-paced, five-week “Coachella for ideas”. You can expect dozens of writing exercises, breakout rooms, and discussions with students who will read your work, sharpen your thinking, and challenge you to unearth the potential that lies within you. 

Just like fitness die-hards still join (and dominate) workout classes, experienced writers join (and thrive in) Write of Passage

This isn’t a program where novice writers practice their punctuation. This is a global network of creative minds seeking exponential growth in their life and careers.

What if I don’t know what to write about?

Welcome to the club. Many students join Write of Passage confused about what they want to write about, even convinced they have “nothing to write about at all.” 

But this isn’t true. As you’ll learn in Write of Passage, writing is social. Your best ideas will emerge through conversation and feedback — two pillars that the course is founded upon.

Alongside conversation and feedback, we help you build systems that promote new ideas and uncover your interests. You will have weekly writing prompts and regular conversations with Mentors, Editors, and fellow students geared toward helping you generate ideas. 

A favorite among students is the Idea Gym: a live call with your peers where you pitch half-baked article ideas and receive one-on-one feedback. You’ll leave Idea Gyms with an action plan for their next article — the power of social writing.

Most importantly, these systems will help you write about the things you already know well — those ideas that are obvious to you, but amazing to others. You’ve already done so much of the work. You’ve accumulated lessons, knowledge and experience both professionally and personally. At Write of Passage, you’ll get those ideas out of your head and into the world.

What if I can’t attend a Live Session?

Write of Passage is less like a single concert and more like Coachella for Writing — a multi-stage music festival where you set your preferred schedule. While we encourage you to attend the main act — a twice-weekly Live Session led by David — there’s a whole lineup of other sessions built to propel you toward your goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Live Sessions are recorded and available to watch the following day.

  • Each Tuesday and Thursday, you’re invited to a Write of Passage Watch Party: a live Zoom session where students come to watch the Live Session, but with live writing exercises and breakout room discussions. Watch Parties are built for students in non-American time zones, such as Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Watch Parties give all Write of Passage students the chance to feel the energy of a the Lives Sessions (without losing a wink of sleep). 

  • Led by an experienced Mentor, Deep Dives are interactive group sessions that help you develop a specific skill, like note-taking, distribution, and POP Writing.

  • Also, you can attend Feedback Gyms and Idea Gyms. Feedback Gyms are sessions where you receive one-on-one feedback on a draft you’ve already written. Idea Gyms are sessions where you receive one-on-one feedback on an idea you have for a future piece.

So, if you can’t make a Live Session, join a Watch Party (or watch the recording on your own time). And between Live Sessions, there are many other helpful sessions to attend. Seriously — the Cohort is like a five-week Coachella for Writing.

I’m not based in the U.S. Can I still participate in this course?

Yes! Write of Passage is a global course. Our alumni come from more than 70 different countries, and 40% of our students live outside the U.S. There are plenty of ways for you to participate in the course, no matter where you are.

Watch Parties offer alternative times for you to experience the Live Sessions alongside your peers. You’ll participate in breakout rooms, live writing exercises, and group discussions in real time while watching the session replay as a group.

Many Deep Dives and Gyms are scheduled to suit international time zones in Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, as well. 

Of course, you’ll also have 24/7 access to Circle, which is the central hub of our online community. There, you can connect with fellow writers, share your work, access recordings, and exchange feedback on article drafts.

How much time will I spend on the course each week?

Write of Passage is designed to meet you where you are. We understand your life is packed with responsibilities: work, kids, hobbies (and maybe even a social life). 

To fully reap the benefits of the course, we recommend committing at least five hours per week, which includes attending Live Sessions and working on your weekly articles. Here are the different levels of time commitments we see from our students:

  • Minimum: 5 hours per week
  • Typical: 7-10 hours per week
  • All-In: 10+ hours per week
How long can I access course materials?

You’ll receive access to the course platform and materials a week before the course starts, and you’ll have access to them indefinitely.

What’s the full difference between Standard, Essential and Premium editions?

The Standard edition grants you access to the full five-week Write of Passage program, which includes:

  • 12 Live Sessions with David
  • 12 Deep Dives — skill sessions led by top alumni
  • Weekly Essays + feedback from trained Editors
  • 100+ writing, feedback, and idea Gyms (all time zones) 
  • And Weekly Peer Group meetings, led by a Mentor.

The Essential edition grants you access to two Write of Passage cohorts. Over 40% of students have returned for at least one additional cohort. Essential Edition includes: 

  • 2x your published articles (with trained Editor feedback)
  • 12 months of writing accountability + community support
  • 2x Live Sessions with David (new content each cohort)
  • 2x Deep Dive skill sessions (new skills each cohort)

The Premium edition grants you lifetime access to all future cohorts, as an Accelewrite member. Keep in mind that Write of Passage is constantly inventing and iterating. Each cohort is different. We’re excited to see what the course will look like in one year, much less ten. As an Accelewrite member, you’ll have access to every improvement we make — forever: 

  • Make Write of Passage your Internet home — for life
  • Come back for every cohort — for life
  • Enjoy support, feedback, and accountability from the Write of Passage community — for life

If you’re curious to see how the course has evolved in the past, check out our Cohort Version Notes.

Are there scholarships available?

We want to make Write of Passage accessible for qualified students of all ages, backgrounds, and life situations. Each cohort, we’re proud to offer a limited number of merit scholarships.

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on the strength of their applications and financial need. If the price of the course is prohibitive for you, you can apply for a scholarship to the upcoming cohort.

How much will I interact with David?

David leads all Live Sessions, which are highly interactive. He answers questions from students, provides feedback, and shares his own private notes to address common pain points. 

He also hosts a private Q&A at the start of the course to give students a behind-the-scenes, unplugged experience.

Can’t I find all the content online for free?

The cohort’s five-week curriculum isn’t fast food content — it’s a Michelin-star dining experience. And the Write of Passage community is our secret sauce that makes students say, “Write of Passage changed my life.” 

When you join Write of Passage, it’s not because you’re looking for quick writing tips and tricks. It’s because you’re committing to share your ideas online. You believe you have something to say, and you want to take yourself seriously. You’re ready to unleash your full potential, whether personal or professional. 

During the course, you will be held accountable by ambitious writers from all over the world. You will receive detailed, high-quality feedback from skilled Editors on every piece of your writing. You will uncover your unique voice and grow your writing skills exponentially. 

By the end of the course, you will not only have a proven system for cultivating ideas and publishing articles, you’ll also be immersed in a vibrant community of ambitious, driven peers who will help you achieve your desired outcomes — both in your career, and in your life more broadly.

What if I want to write in another language?

You are free to write and publish in whatever language you’d like, but please note that all of our sessions are run in English, and our team of trained Editors will only be able to give feedback pieces that are written in English.

We’ve had many multilingual students, and they find creative ways to use that skill set to their advantage. For more on taking Write of Passage with English as your second language, read alum Angie Wang’s story.

Which tools and platforms will I need?

Here’s a breakdown of the tools you can expect to use during the course:

  • Circle: The bustling hub of our community, where Write of Passage comes alive. Here, you’ll share assignments, join groups, and build relationships with other writers. 
  • Google Docs: Where you’ll draft articles and exchange feedback with others. 
  • Zoom: Old faithful. 
  • Substack: Where we recommend you set up your website, but you’re welcome to pick any platform you’d like. 
  • Readwise or Evernote: Our recommended platforms for your note-taking system. 
  • Twitter and Substack: Two places you will distribute your work (these are suggestions — there are plenty of other platforms you can use to publish). 

If you’re a tech-novice, don’t worry. We’ll help you set up everything you need.

What’s your refund policy?

Enrollment is 100% risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within 30 days of the start of the course — no questions asked.

What if I don’t have a place to publish my writing?

No worries — you’ll get all the support you need to set up all your systems. Countdown Week (the week leading up to the start of the cohort) is designed to help you set up a newsletter or website so that you’re ready to go on the first day of the course. If you’re not ready by then, we’ll help you get there ASAP.