Frame 90-1

How to Start Writing Online

Thursday, January 25

“I was made for more than this!”  

Does that sound familiar? Have you ever looked around at your current situation — your work, your peers, your pastimes — and known you were capable of more? The world is awash with opportunity, but so many people are still following a 20th century playbook. 

In this workshop, you’ll see how writing online uses what you already know to open up new doors in your life. Don’t expect just to sit back and listen. Experience firsthand how:

  • Conversations can become your creative fuel
  • Your existing knowledge (which feels obvious) can be impactful for others
  • Sharing ideas can make you a magnet for life-changing opportunities.

Join writer and teacher David Perell to learn new frameworks, complete live exercises, and see examples of others who have used writing online to catapult themselves toward new clients, businesses, and book deals. Writing online is your ticket to living a 21st century life. Join us to get a glimpse.


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